Intelligent Transportation Systems Hong Kong (ITS-HK)

– ITS – HK is being incorporated and inauguration planned in 2000
– A non-profit making learned society
– Membership comprises organisations and individuals involved in ITS
– Our role is to facilitate cooperation among ITS – HK members
– Act as the HKSAR representation of ITS industry to communicate formally with active ITS organisations worldwide including ITS – America, ERTICO of EU, VERTIS of Japan, ITS – Canada, ITS – Australia
– Similar organisations will be established in mainland China

Objectives of ITS-HK

– Formulate standards for participation in National and International ITS standardization processes
– Provide a forum to determine user requirements and solutions
– Examine non-technical and institutional issues (privacy, intellectual property, liability etc.)
– Encourage R & D in ITS technologies for multi-disciplinary partnerships among public and private sectors
– Promote awareness of the benefits to the public and relevant decision-makers
– Enhance and encourage the exchange of information amongst local, Mainland and international ITS industry
– Organize member activities for the promotion of ITS in Hong Kong SAR




Worldwide ITS’s application in

• Traffic Control and Surveillance
• Toll and fare collection
• Parking and access management
• Route selection and guidance
• Fleet management / position and tracking
• Signalling for guided vehicles

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Worldwide ITS personnel are from

• Computer Engineering
• Transportation engineering
• Communications / Telecommunications
• Vehicle manufacturing
• Electronic engineering
• Traffic engineering

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