1. Corporate Membership – Companies & institutions in the ITS industry

  • Admission Fee – Corporate : HK$10,000
  • Annual Subscription – Corporate : HK$2,000

2. Individual Membership – open to application subject to admission criteria

  • Admission Fee – Individual : HK$500
  • Annual Subscription – Individual : HK$200
  • Members will observe all provisions of the Constitution of ITS – HK

Major benefits of ITS HK Member

  1. Business relationship and opportunities of ITS industry
  2. Formal input to public and private decision-makers
  3. Update developments of the industry
  4. Recognition by local, national and international ITS community
  5. Free in the ITS-HK leaflets and website
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Latest Community Activity

《邁向智慧城市與綠色交通》研討會 – 致辭及專題演講 (Video)

致歡迎辭: 資訊科技界立法會議員 莫乃光先生 香港開放城市聯盟會長 黃岳永先生 專題演講一:「智能交通系統數據的採集和應用」 香港智能交通運輸系統協會理事 林松威先生 (Mr.Ray LAM) 專題演講二:「城市低碳交通系統 — 最佳實踐方法及政策 」 香港中文大學地理與資源管理學系助理教授

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