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The 15th ITS Asia-Pacific Forum & Exhibition will consist of multiple streams, including plenary, executive, technical and workshops. There is plenty of exhibition space for partners and vendors to demonstrate their latest technologies, products and services to an international audience from the public and private sector.

The theme of the Forum is “Metropolitan Transportation Infrastructure for Smart Cities and 7 sub-themes have been selected:


1.1 Multimodal journey planners and traveller information services
1.2 Public transport operations
1.3 Implementation of demand-responsive transport
1.4 Mobility as a Service (MaaS), including implementation and business models
1.5 New transport-related payment systems
1.6 Integrated, multi-modal ticketing and open architecture payment systems
1.7 Mobility management and new business models
1.8 Multi-modal planning and implementation
1.9 Intermodal freight services


2.1 Towards an integrated, multi-modal transport future
2.2 Roadmaps: from unconnected to automated vehicles
2.3 Incident management and supporting infrastructure
2.4 Road space management for freight and passengers
2.5 Infrastructure aspects: electro-mobility and low impact traffic management
2.6 Managing city space for business and people
2.7 Travel Demand Management, including Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and complementary measures
2.8 Cross-border applications, including preclearance and screening
2.9 Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure
2.10 Transport for liveable cities

3. Communication & Sensors

3.1 The Connected Vehicle, incl. implementation
3.2 New communication technologies and applications, incl V2X
3.3 In-vehicle integration and telematics
3.4 Data sharing and dissemination
3.5 Mobile positioning and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) for mobility
3.6 Mobile sensing and data collection
3.7 Ubiquitous and pervasive sensing

4. Innovation

4.1 New approaches to urban traffic management
4.2 Open data for service integration
4.3 New mobility apps for business and travellers
4.4 Smart parking management
4.5 Vehicle tracking and passenger information systems
4.6 Data management, fusion, analytics and visualisation
4.7 EV charge point reservation and management systems
4.8 Funding and business models

5. Environment

5.1 Use of cooperative ITS for energy efficiency
5.2 Earth observation techniques and environmental protection
5.3 Air quality strategies, including low emission zones and low emission strategies
5.4 From emissions reduction to air quality improvements, modelling and visualisation
5.5 Noise reduction strategies
5.6 Vehicle aspects: electric or alternative fuel vehicles
5.7 Towards low carbon travel,including road space allocation

6. Safety & Security

6.1 Hazard detection, validation and reporting
6.2 Intelligence-based enforcement
6.3 Driver factors / driver distraction
6.4 Hazardous material (HazMat) tracking and secure cargo management
6.5 Driver monitoring systems
6.6 Implementation of e-call, enabling technologies and supporting infrastructure
6.7 Weather monitoring, data analysis and information dissemination

7. Policy, Standards & Regulation

7.1 Transport policy and strategy
7.2 Legal and Institutional Issues
7.3 Standards, interoperability and architectures
7.4 Open data, privacy and security
7.5 Implementing Mobility as a Service: regulation or deregulation?
7.6 Regulations for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles
7.7 Developments in regulations for enforcement
7.8 Car and trip sharing

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