Major benefits of ITS HK Member

  1. Business relationship and opportunities of ITS industry
  2. Formal input to public and private decision-makers
  3. Update developments of the industry
  4. Recognition by local, national and international ITS community
  5. Free in the ITS-HK leaflets and website
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Corporate Membership

Companies & institutions in the ITS industry

  • Admission Fee : HK$10,000
  • Annual Subscription : HK$2,000

Fellowship Membership

A. General Requirements of Fellowship by Membership Upgrade  

For admission to Fellowship, as the highest individual grade of membership of ITS-HK, by upgrade from Individual Membership, the applicant:

  • must have completed at least seven (7) years Individual Membership in addition of at least seven (7) year experience at a high level of responsibility; or
  • must have made, or be committed to make, distinguished contributions to ITS-HK in the past two years and satisfy at least one of the following criteria: 
  1. Currently serving in the capacity of a “Full Professor” at a Tertiary Institution either in Hong Kong or elsewhere
  2. Have served ITS-HK as a Council member for a continual period of more than 2 years or having served as a Committee Chairman for at least 2 years
  3. Having served ITS-HK as an Office Bearer (namely the President, Vice-President, Honorary Treasurer or Honorary Secretary), past or present 

 B. General Requirements of Fellowship by Direct Entry 

For admission of ITS-HK Fellowship by direct entry, the applicant must have expected to satisfy at least one of the following criteria: 

  1. Serving a current appointment at “Directorate” Grade or above in the HK SAR Government; 
  2. Serving a current appointment at the grade of “Full Professor” or above in a recognised Institution;
  3. Serving as an “Executive Director” (or equivalent grade) in an organisation that that is eligible for Corporate Membership of ITS-HK;
  4. Having demonstrated ability in Research & Development or project management of transport intensive capital project(s), including being instrumental in the design, development of products, equipment, system and services; or
  5. Having a background that would be recognised by ITS-HK as being related to ITS, as recommended by the Membership Committee 

C. The Application 

To make an application for Fellowship, the application must be accompanied with supporting documents of evidence that the criteria have been, or will be met, and recommendations of two Council Members, one of whom must be Fellow or current Office Bearer of ITS-HK, in order for the Council of ITS-HK to conduct its assessment and due consideration. 

All decisions taken by the Council of ITS-HK will be final.

  • Admission Fee : HK$1,000
  • Annual Subscription : HK$500

Individual Membership

Open to application subject to admission criteria

  • Admission Fee : HK$500
  • Annual Subscription  : HK$200
  • Members will observe all provisions of the Constitution of ITS – HK
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